Welcome to our agency

At Champs & Chimps we produce all types of digital projects. We work with websites, mobile apps, interactive multi-touch screen apps, digital services and technology driven consumer products. Right now we have a lot of work and don’t have the possibility to maintain an updated website with our portfolio. Visual Art, Electrolux, Samsung, H&M, Swedavia and Adecco are some of our clients we have worked with over the last years and they all seem to think we are doing a good job.

At our office we treat everyone with respect and do not believe in boring stuff like regular working hours or traditional roles. We work as an agile inspired team and we are having very fun in our work process. We believe that's how creativity thrives and we do believe that people grow when they get real responsibility.

In short, we are both passionate about our line of work and have so much fun every day at the office. We think our name represents that mentality well.

We are Champs & Chimps.